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Hilma af Klint is the abstract pioneer who became a sensation in the art world 70 years after her death. In our collection of Hilma af Klint posters you will find posters from her most important picture suite - Paintings for the Temple. With her distinctive imagery and symbol-saturated painting, she has become a favourite of many art lovers - young and old. Scroll down to see all the posters in the Hilma af Klint category, and to read more about her unique artistry.

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Here you will find our posters with Hilma af Klint's expressive and imaginative paintings. Our Hilma af Klint posters are taken from her most central work; Paintings for the Temple. Paintings for the Temple is a collection of 193 paintings that she worked on during 1906-1915. The collection is in turn made up of various themes and groups. Among our Hilma af Klint posters you will find paintings from the suites The Ten Greatest and The Swan and the Dove;


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Hilma af Klint – a pioneer in abstract painting


Hilma af Klint is a unique artist in that she was a pioneer in developing an abstract visual language.Wassily Kandinsky andPiet Mondrianwhich otherwise would have introduced theabstract painting. However, her influence on the development of art has been modest, as she wrote in her will that her paintings were not to be shown until 40 years after her death (when the world was ripe). The art world first saw her paintings at a collective exhibition in Los Angeles in 1986. But it was not until her exhibition at Moderna Museet in 2013 that she had her big international breakthrough;With her powerful language of colour and form, infused with esoteric symbolism and Christian mysticism, she has gained worldwide acclaim and her paintings have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums in the world, such as the Guggenheim, MoMA, Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou and the Moderna Museet. 


Strong emotions and esoteric themes;

The basic theme of Hilma af Klint's art is to make visible the invisible world. af Klint was strongly influenced by the great spiritualistic movements of the time, such as theosophy and anthroposophy, and used her painting as a means of expressing ideas about spiritual development and higher forms of consciousness. The messages to the Temple came about through her role as a medium, receiving messages from spirits which later became forms, compositions and phrases;


In the suite of images The Ten Greatest, she deals with themes such as life and its various stages:childrenålder,youth, the manna and the earth.The Swan is another recurring motif in her career. At Posterton we have prints and posters featuring some of Hilma af Klint's most beloved works;

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A striking feature of af Klint's paintings is that they are often very large, which is clearly a powerful experience for those who view them in real life. At Posterton, however, you can choose how big or small your Hilma af Klint posters should be. Simply choose the size from the menu that appears when you click on a Hilma af Klint poster you want. At Posterton we use only premium paper when printing our Hilma af Klint posters. The high quality paper has been hand-picked to mimic the intensity and colour of the originals as closely as possible. We have alsoframes in the same style as our posters. Choose between black, white and untreated wood, or metals such as gold, silver or brass;

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