Posters 50x70 cm

Looking for great posters to decorate your home with? Then you've come to the right place. In this category you will find all our posters in the size 50x70 cm. This is one of our largest sizes and the posters you'll find in this category will make great statement pieces in your home.

A personal touch with posters in size 50x70;

With stylish posters, it's easy to add a personal touch to a room. Our posters are of high quality and are always available at a low price. In addition, we offer posters with a variety of motifs in both landscape and portrait formats. Posters in the size 50x70 always add a warm atmosphere to a room.Decorate with paintings in the size 50x70 cm. The posters work perfectly as the most striking decoration of your rooms, surrounded by smaller paintings or other decorations. &Are you not a big fan of art but want to add something stylish to your rooms? Then a simple 50x70 cm poster is the perfect option. One or a couple of posters in this size is all you need to add a simple but stylish touch to a room;


Köpblack-and-white posters, photographs ofmänniskor andanimals,abstract illustrations or perhaps posters with motifs created byfull-time artists. Whatever type of poster you are looking for, our 50x70 cm paintings are available in all kinds of styles;

A wide range of posters from Posterton

If you are looking for posters in the 50x70 cm size, you have found the right place. At Posterton there are hundreds of prints to choose from. Don't settle for half-baked designs in poor quality when you can get the very best. We promise that you will find your new favourite paintings under this category;


Did you know that we are constantly replenishing our range with the very latest and trendiest? But of course there's also a wide range of vintage and classic designs that you can't miss. 


Don't forget to explore categories such asvintage posters and posters with motifs inspired by ourårtimes. There are also works of art painted in art styles such asLine Art andWatercolour.  

Painting with posters in different sizes;

Posters in different sizes are important when setting up a painting. Of course, you can choose to just use models in the same colour, but the result will be more creative if you choose different ones. One or a couple of 50x70 cm posters work well as the centrepiece of the wallpaper. Then place the posters in the wall as21x30 and30x40 around in different levels to contribute with nice contrasts. For inspiration or to compare already existing paintings, you canclick here.  

Cool posters in 50x70 cm from Posterton

At Posterton you can buy posters in 50x70 cm and several other sizes. We want to make it possible for everyone, regardless of their size, to decorate their home with beautiful posters. If you don't have a frame that fits, you can buynew framework with us. 


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