Picture frames

A beautiful picture or poster only comes into its own when it's in the frame. Here you will find our wide range of frames for posters, photos, paintings and pictures. Sort out the right dimensions and look using our smart filters. Choose between thick and thin frames in beautiful materials like metal or wood. All our frames have brackets that allow them to be hung portrait or landscape.

Buy frames and photo frames online

Whether you're framing an old favourite or a recent poster, it's important to choose a good quality frame that captures the beauty of the image. At Posterton, we are professionals in framing and hanging, and can tell you from experience that all pictures and posters look better with a frame around them;

In our wide range of photo frames, picture frames and picture frames you are sure to find a suitable frame for your photo, painting or poster. Our frames are available in most sizes and come in a variety of beautiful materials and finishes;

What colour should I choose for my frame?

When it comes to buying frames, it's important that you choose a frame with the right dimensions. We have picture and picture frames in a wide range of sizes and sizes to give you the best possible experience of your picture, painting or poster;

Choosing too large a frame for your picture will look crazy, provided you don't think about using a passepartout. In this case, you have a little more freedom when it comes to the size of the frame;

If you have a very small frame, you will need to cut the image to fit, and this is not something we recommend. 

The best thing is to choose a frame that goes perfectly with your poster, painting or picture. Posters are often printed in standard sizes, such as30 x 40 cm or50 x 70 cm. If you order a poster from Posterton, you can be sure to find a frame in the right size from us. If you want to frame an old poster or a photograph, simply measure the image with a measuring tape or a thumbtack. Framingframes available in sizes from 13 x 18 cm up to70 x 100 cm. If you want to frame a nice drawing that your child has made at school, we also haveframes in A4 format

Before ordering a frame, you also need to consider how wide your frame should be. Some people likethick mouldings that accentuates the image. Others use a thin and discreet frame strip that doesn't steal much focus from the subject itself;

Frames in different shapes and materials

We offer a wide selection of frames for all tastes and style ideals. You'll find everything from classic metal frames, to black and white wooden frames and classic oak frames. Our metal picture frames are available in gold, silver, copper and metallic black;


Classic wooden frames are as decorative as they used to be. Whether you want to frame a photo or a poster, a wooden frame will bring out the best in every image. Frameekramar They are ideal for all types of interiors and are particularly well suited to white walls in rooms with high light levels;

We also have frames in black and white. Ablack wood It's perfect for when you want to focus on your chosen wall hanging. If it's a light-coloured motif, a black frame makes a nice and striking contrast. If it's a darker motif, the black frame is more of a subtle and stylish complement.

White frames is particularly suitable for large pictures and paintings hung against a wall, wood or wallpaper. If you have white walls at home, the outline of a white wooden frame can easily blend in with the brightness. But if it's true, it can be a stylish addition to your interior. 

Metal frames

Posterton's metal frames are as beautiful as they are durable. Choose from different sizes of mouldings and different colours. Our metal frames are made of aluminium, which gives them high durability and light weight;

Gold frames are perfect if you want to add an exclusive touch to your home, and work equally well with a dark or light interior. Aframe in gold It is particularly popular for personal photos such as wedding photos, pictures of children and grandchildren, but is equally suitable for fine art photography, as well as for classic paintings by artists such as Rembrandt,Leonardo da Vinci and Monet. 

For those who want a more subdued stylesilver frames a safe choice. At Posterton you can buy frames in nickel silver, which is an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel and has a nice shiny finish. Silver is a so-called cold metal that provides a sophisticated setting for your art.

Copper and brass frames Perfect for homes with more luxurious interiors with teak and mahogany furniture. The copper has a warm and elegant shade that reflects the light. Our copper frames are perfect for framing old cards, photos, beautiful wood carvings and other items that exude tradition, education and sophisticated taste;

Finally, we also have photo frames in black metal. These are for those who want a more glossy finish than a black wooden frame. Ablack metal frame is an excellent all-round frame that works equally well for photos, art prints and graphic prints;

Choose a picture frame to match your design

Some say that framing paintings is a whole science, but in our opinion it's hard to fail, at least with our stylish and affordable frames. If you just go with your gut, it will be fine in most cases, and if it goes completely wrong, you have 14 days to return it. 

There are many things to consider when choosing a frame. Some people like to match the frame with their other furnishings. Others choose to look more at the motif itself and create an accent piece for the painting. You can do it any way you like, it's just as good most of the time. The only thing that can vary is the feel of the picture frame;

If you really want to make the image stand out, you can use a passepartout. This is a paper frame that is placed inside the glass and creates a more airy space between the frame and the image, bringing the subject more into focus. Another advantage of using a passe-partout is that the image is not directly against the glass, which prevents it from sticking and being damaged.


The difference - photo frames, picture frames and picture frames?


What photo frames and picture frames have in common is that they always have a glass panel (usually plexiglass or acrylic) to protect the image. Picture frames, on the other hand, can consist of a simple or wired wooden frame around a canvas or a pan. However, the term picture frame is also used for picture and photo frames;

På Posterton all frames come with acrylic glass which is rigid and protects your art, photos and posters from fading or exposure to moisture and stains. The frames are also made in a way that makes it easy for you to remove and replace posters or photographs, without having to resort to tools like screwdrivers or pliers;

Frames mounted horizontally and vertically

Boards can either be mounted upright or horizontally. If they are tilted, they are wrong and you just have to go and touch them. For some subjects, such as some abstract paintings, it can sometimes be difficult to determine the right place to put it. In most cases, a simple Google search will give you the answer to the question of which room the painting should be in;

All our frames have a base that allows them to be hung upright or lying down. This means you can use them for all kinds of pictures and posters. Smart, huh?

When it comes to hanging art, make sure that the screw, nail or bracket can withstand the weight of the painting. The type of bracket you need depends on the material of the wall and the weight of the artwork.

Gypsum walls are the type of wall that can withstand the least weight. For these types of walls, it is best to use an expander plug. If it is a smaller frame, an ordinary screw will suffice. But be aware that screws leave unsightly marks, so you need to be careful about where you want the board to be hung;

If you're mounting your framed poster on a concrete or wooden wall, a standard picture hook is usually sufficient. This is a type of hook that is hammered in and can take weights of up to 3-4 kilos. At Posterton we havetable hooks for all types of plants. Our wall mounts for paintings leave minimal marks that usually only need to be ironed with a few coats of paint;

Frames for stylish picture frames


Creating beautiful wallpaper with photos, graphics and paintings in different sizes is a big interior design trend right now. Experimenting with motifs, themes and arrangements is as fun as it is creative, and you can arrange the images and their placement to suit your taste. In ourinspiration blog you will find lots of ideas and tips on how to create your own painting based on themes such as seasons, colours and art styles, etc;


For those who want to get started quickly with their painting project, we offerpackage for complete paintings, which includes posters and frames in matching colours. You can choose to either hang them as they are delivered, or change the designs to something more personal and unique;

Through a complete set of frames in different sizes you will soon have the best looking picture wall in the company!