Looking for a way to spruce up your walls? Check out our selection of architectural posters and posters! From rustic doors and windows to famous buildings and sites from around the world, our architecture posters are sure to give a boost to any room. Plus, they're a great conversation piece - so be prepared for lots of compliments when you display them.

Stylish & modern architecture posters 

Some of the things that have been depicted since ancient times are buildings, buildings in the form of photographs and handmade art. Architecture is an art form that combines both function, form and beauty and is therefore ideally suited to the poster format.


The shapes, the lines and the slightly austere feel that really appeal to us and make us want to adorn our walls withposters of towers, houses, narrow streets, domed roofs and grand bridges. It brings a sense of life and space into the home and can create a stark contrast to the otherwise white-washed walls or tranquil atmosphere.


These artworks with architectural motifs will add an elegant touch to your home or workplace and will look just as good individually as in a group with other motifs on a creativetable vägg. Match them with fashion posters, typography and other photographic art for a modern look, or with nature images, abstract illustrations and your own photographs for a softer, more personal expression.


Posters with motifs of streets, buildings and squares

Perhaps you will find a motif from your favourite city in our range of architecture posters? Or maybe the motifs of streets, squares, buildings and terraces will make you discover a whole new place that you would really like to visit! Choose several motifs from the same city for a unified look or choose a poster from each of your favourite places that you have already visited.


arkitektur new.jpg


With images of buildings and historical sites, it's easy to create a personalised display either at home or in the workplace, perfect for when you want to tell people who you are or what you want to convey through your décor.


The architectural art's appealing combination of shapes, patterns and clean lines and the clean beauty of building materials such as brick, stone and concrete are sure to catch the eye of the room and make any visitor want to step right into the painting.


When you want to decorate your home with posters of architecture, you can choose from all kinds of symmetrical buildings, dreamy castles and beautiful seväFrom symmetrical castles, grand palaces and stately homes, you can choose from a range of images in some of our favourite styles to more detailed and detailed motifs of sunlit windows, staircases and grand balconies. Take a closer look at our inspiring and carefully selected range and choose your new favourites that will look just as good in your bedroom, living room, hallway or office.


Whether you want to create a sense of a bustling city life with paintings of houses and busy streets or a magical and harmonious atmosphere with motifs of beautiful lights or stunning views, you are sure to find suitable motifs with us at Posterton.


We have architecture posters in the best black and white and bright yellow scales and select them all with great care to offer as high quality and appealing a range as possible.


Choose your favourites and then surround them with a matching frame in white, black, gold, silver or wood to showcase the design in the most beautiful way. Find your favourite posters of architecture gathered in one place with us at Posterton!