Kids wall art

Looking for something fun and unique to decorate your child's room with? Check out our adorable children's boards! Each one is adorned with a playful print or design, perfect for adding some personality to your child's room. Plus, they also make great gifts for occasions like christenings and birthdays.

Children's boards and posters for children's rooms;

Here you can find lots of stylish and qualitativepostersand children's paintings. Inspire and motivate kids to play and have fun with fun kids' boards and posters!


Children have an imagination like no other, and let it flourish in their rooms by decorating with beautiful motifs and children's paintings. Here you can find many types of posters for children, such as colourful pictures andposters with animals, but also educational motives that combine utility with pleasure. For example, a large alphabet board can be a great addition to a room, and there are several different versions, including animal motifs for each letter.


A fun way to relax while making the interior more inviting. If you're looking to decorate your children's room, it can be fun to look through our designs with your little ones. Let your creativity flow and choose posters and kids' boards that suit your children's personalities and interests. There's everything from space-inspired adventures to safaris, zoos, imaginative designs and more.

It can often be more of a challenge to get your children's room ready for the rest of the home. This is because the children's room must fulfil several important functions. Children should be able to sleep peacefully and comfortably while playing, studying and having fun. In other words, the interior needs to be both inspiring and playful, but also practical and with space for storage.


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One tip for creating a stylish and inviting kitchen is to place several paintings of children's motifs on one of the walls. For example, you could have a mixture of different types of children's boards, but also several posters with different motifs to create a nice mix. To make the billboard a success, it is important that the billboards are placed edge to edge, either on the down or up side. At Posterton, you can easily select the children's pictures and motifs you and your kids like best and even click on matching frames. A large poster in a stylish frame also looks great leaning on a shelf or the floor.


Children's posters with many different motifs and styles

Make sure you take out the swords when you put out posters for the children's room. Here you can choose from many humorous designs that are sure to make kids laugh out loud. Pair with classic quotes, such as "Hakuna Matana" or "I love you to the moon and back" for a trendier look. Many children like animals, of course, but also different landscapes and space motifs. Check out our children's paintings of colourful galaxies and planets, or choose beautiful watercolour paintings of large whales or animals found on the savannah. We all like different things and for this we have chosen to bring home a very wide range of motifs for children's paintings.


You can choose from a variety of cute and cartoony designs as well as tougher graphic prints. Our posters and billboards are of course of high quality and printed on a thicker paper for a longer life. The posters retain their shape longer, especially if they are placed in frames. Order your children's favourites today!