Large posters

Here you will find our large posters. Decorating with a large painting has never felt more right! We offer an incredible selection of posters online, perfect for your home or office. Choose from a variety of styles and designs to find your perfect motif for a large poster.

Large posters

Have you been looking for a way to bring your home's largest walls to life? Large posters are a great way to fill in the spaces in your home. With so many different designs from modern to abstract to bold, we're sure you'll find something that's perfect for every room in your home. Our large boards are of course not only for those who have plenty of wall space, but these large posters are also very suitable for smaller spaces. In fact, it may be that it gets even more focus right then. If you find that your walls are too small, we recommend leaning your posters against a wall - very stylish and trendy right now.


Large posters lying or standing

Large posters are perfect for tying the style of a room together and can even act as decor in their own right. They offer the opportunity to create an oasis in any room with just one motif! Our large size posters can also be used standing or lying down. The horizontal format (landscape) gives you more space and some people prefer the portrait style because they are lighter for the eyes, so you get a full picture of what's on display with a single glance! One or more largehorizontal posters can give your whole room a whole new look.


If you're shooting in large format - it's just as well to choose portrait format. Choose from several categories, such asart,nature motif,text boards and much more in one big size.


Tips for choosingrätt large item

The posters in your home are more than just decoration - they are an expression of the style and colour palette you have chosen for your home or specific room. This means that when choosing new ones, you should not only think about how these pieces will look, but also about what's around them! A classic motif can bring balance to any room while adding elegance with its period appeal. A more modern large poster with exclusive art motifs will give your walls a more bold and forward look and can reflect your personality more. Whatever your style, don't forget to also shop large size frames to match your posters.

Large paintings cheap

A large poster from Posterton gives you a way to display your photos and art in your home. It complements your decor and adds a touch of class to any room. Whether you hang it on the wall or lean against one, our posters will attract attention. The size50x70 poster is one of our most popular sizes. They are affordable and we are constantly updating with new designs and styles. For us at Posterton it is important to be able to offer good and cheap prices as well as offer high quality posters. Our FSC-certified premium matt paper is of the highest quality and we use it for all our prints to ensure they maintain the same high quality throughout - so you can enjoy your designs for years to come.


Why not have several in one place? You can shop quickly and easily and receive your poster within 2-3 working days. As a customer you have a 14 day return period which means you are free to exchange them for another one! Find inspiration among our large paintings and place your order today