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Frida Kahlo was one of the most famous artists of the 20th century and was celebrated for her unique and very personal style. Her art is characterised by bright colours and bold patterns and often includes images of nature and Mexican culture. Kahlo's work often includes self-portraits that give an insight into her inner thoughts and feelings. One of her most famous paintings, "The Two Fridas", is a self-portrait depicting the artist with two identical figures. It is believed that the painting depicts the duality of Kahlo's personality, as well as the division between her Mexican and European origins. "The Two Fridas" is just one example of Kahlo's ability to create emotionally powerful art that speaks to the human experience.

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Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous artists of the 20th century. Her distinctive art style, often characterised by strong colours and striking images, was strongly influenced by her Mexican heritage.

Did you know that Frida Kahlo was actually born as a Mexican-American citizen? Her parents were both of Mexican origin, but her father was also an American citizen. This technically made her a dual citizen, although she always considered herself Mexican. She once said, "I'm not sick. I'm broken. But I'm happy as long as I can live. Kahlo was undoubtedly a gifted artist, and her paintings often reflected her Mexican heritage. She is best known for her self-portraits, which often include depictions of traditional Mexican culture;

Throughout her career, Kahlo's work explored a variety of themes, from the female experience to the political upheavals in her country. Although the art world was at one time sceptical of her, Kahlo's work received widespread international recognition. Today, her paintings are among the most popular and beloved works of art in the world. At Posterton, we are proud to offer a selection of Frida Kahlo-inspired posters to bring her unique vision into your home.