Posters 30x40 cm

At Posterton you can buy stylish posters in the size 30x40 cm. In our wide range you will find posters with inspiring quotes and abstract designs. But also posters for children and variations perfect for the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. In fact, posters in 30x40 cm are very useful. Posters are suitable for most surfaces as they do not take up much space. At the same time, they serve as central statement pieces. Add colour and thoughtful details with 30x40 cm posters.

Decorate creatively with posters in the size 30x40 cm

The great thing about medium-sized posters is that they can be placed just about anywhere. Decorate with them on the wall along with other larger and smaller motifs. You can also leave them on their own at the side of the wardrobe, above the desk or next to a friend of the same size. A 30x40 cm poster also works well as a large framed motif in the window or on a shelf. Get creative with 30x40 cm paintings.


All our posters are printed on high quality paper and therefore serve as exclusive details in your home, whether you choose ablack-and-white photograph or aabstract artwork created by afull name. Why not treat yourself to a poster or TV today. Browse through our extensive range of 30x40 cm paintings to find options to suit your taste;

Posters for all occasions;

Did you know that a good-looking poster actually suits all occasions? Want to spruce up your home with stylish details or decorate for a themed party? We offer posters in a variety of stylish abstract designs, from contemporary posters forChristmas party ornewår dinner. Posters also make a great gift. Bring achildren's board to the baby show or a poster withvehicles for the car-crazy birthday boy. 


We constantly stock our range with the very latest and trendiest so you can always update your home with stylish new posters. The best thing about posters is that they can be easily replaced. All you have to do is take them out of theestimate and sätta in a new one. Create a nice collection of posters from Posterton to swap with;

Standing or landscape posters?

In this category you will find both portrait and landscape posters in the size 30x40 cm. The best thing about our wide range of posters is that they also come in different sizes and formats. In other words, there isn't a room where you won't find room for a poster from Posterton. Browse our filters at the top of the page. Here you can choose the colour, size and format;


Do you want to put together a stylishtable vägg vs posters in different designs. With our range, you can put together your billboard just the way you want. Mix landscape posters with stand-up and 30x40 cm posters with other sizes. You can also choose between frames in different colours and shades. We promise a unique result. 

Cool posters in 30x40 cm from Posterton

Are you looking for stylish posters in the size 30x40 cm? Then you've come to the right place. At Posterton you will find plenty of posters in these sizes, and in several other sizes as well. &Are you unsure which size suits your wall? Then you can order different models to see for yourself what works best. With us, you always have a 14-day return period and fast delivery so that the process doesn't take too long.


Beställ posters för bedrooms,the living room andchildren's room from Posterton today. We promise you won't be disappointed. Please feel free to contact uscustomer service if you have any questions.