At Posterton you can buy posters in several sizes and formats. You can find everything from small posters to large ones and variants in 30x40 cm - a perfect medium size. The best part is that you don't have to conform to a specific size when choosing posters. All our designs are available in different sizes.

Horizontal or vertical posters?

Are you looking for a poster in landscape or portrait format? Or maybe both? Fortunately, at Posterton you will find plenty of prints in both formats. We know that every room is different and for that very reason different formats are also suitable. 


Would you like to buy an eye-catching item to hang above your dining room table? A horizontal poster in the size 50x70 cm utmärkt. You can also place two larger posters next to each other and we promise you a great result;


It is clearly also difficult to match horizontal posters with the wall. Place two 30x40 landscape posters on the wall and a 50x70 portrait poster next to them to create a symmetrical shape.  

Variety of motifs, colours and art styles;

You don't have to be limited when it comes to choosing posters. We want you to be able to live out your dreams and fill your home with paintings and posters that reflect your own personal style. It is also for this reason you will find thousands of posters in a wide range of categories on our website;


Välj betweenprofessional photography i bådefärg andblack and whiteunique collections ofanimals andnature and motifs in art styles such asLine Art and Watercolour. Don't forget to check out our selection of posters featuring artwork created by some of the most famous names in the art world. Maybe you'll recogniseMatisse,Gustav Klimt andHilma af Klint

Posters in sizes from 13x18 to 50x70

At Posterton it is not very difficult to find posters in the right size. Since all our posters are available in sizes from 13x18 cm up to 50x70 cm, we promise that there are several posters to suit your needs;


The size of poster you find suitable may vary depending on the room. Ithe living room you might want a billboard with posters in the sizes21x30and30x40while inthe bathroom föredrar smaller models in13x18 cm. In the bedroom, large posters in the size40x50 The above will contribute to the real hotel experience;

Buy posters online from Posterton

We know that size matters. The poster should fit the space on your wall and match the size of the other paintings. In fact, putting up wall decorations is a bit of an art form. With posters on the wall, you can style your room exactly the way you want. And if you're not sure what size to buy, we have a 14-day return on all our products. Order your favourites in different sizes and decide which ones fit best in your place;


Are you looking for new high quality art for your home at a good price? Then you have found the right place. At Posterton you can buy posters online. We have posters in a variety of sizes and formats to suit every home;


With Posterton, you don't need to be a pro to decorate with wallpaper; all you need is a wide range of the latest and trendiest.