Fill your walls with posters of famous paintings and artworks by famous artists. At Posterton we have beautiful prints and posters featuring many of the most iconic works in art history - from the Renaissance to modern art and street art. Browse through our wide selection of posters from famous artists or use the menu on the left to select a specific artist. All of our posters are printed on premium paper, ensuring a beautiful and durable print.

Köp posters på kända paintings and artworks

In this category you will find artworks that have made history, paintings that have changed the way we look at art and artists who have chosen to make their own way. For our range of art prints, we have selected favourites from artists who have left their mark on our world. Whatever art style you like best, you're sure to find a poster from an artist you like among these posters;

Large selection of posters and prints with modern art

Modern art is no longer just modern. In fact, early modern art is over a hundred years old. Modernism refers to the movement in art that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century and turned everything that was called rules and norms upside down. This means that modern art is really a collective term that encompasses many different styles, such as expressionism, cubism, constructivism, primitivism, etc;

What all these art styles have in common is that they break with the conventions of the old days about what art can do and what forms it is allowed to use. This break came about becausephotographer had made figurative art less important. 

På Posterton has beautiful posters from abstract pioneers likeHilma af Klint andWassily Kandinsky who explored symbols, forms and expressions in a whole new way in his spiritualistic and philosophical beliefs. Among our other abstract art posters you will also findPiet Mondrian's stylish compositions andPaul Klee's funky paintings

Of course we also have posters on boards from giants likePicasso,Matisse,Gustav Klimt andFrida Kahlo. Browse modernist still lifes,abstract patterns, beautiful landscape motifs and much, much more.    

Classical art by contemporary artists

Although our category of art posters is mostly made up of modern art, we also have many classic works of art among our posters, from the Renaissance to Impressionism. Among these you will findLeonardo da Vinciand Katsushika Hokusai, but also French artists such as Cezanne, Monet andHenri Rousseau.  

HokusaisDuring the stay outside Kanagawa has been reproduced countless times and can be found today on everything from coffee cups to wallpaper and tattoos. Hokusai is considered one of Japan's greatest artists of all time and his images have been a great source of inspiration for countless painters and illustrators in Japan and abroad;

Among our classical painting posters you will also find Impressionism (and Post-Impressionism). Decorate your walls with beautiful southern French landscapes in strong colours from theCézanne orvan Gogh. Or why not choose one of Claude Monet's classic paintings? In our collection ofMonet posters you will find many of his most beloved motifs. Don't miss our beautifulprints på Toulouse-Lautrecs depictions of late 19th century Paris. 

Posters on art in many art styles and directions

At Posterton we are working hard to broaden our range with posters from more artists and more specialisations. Already today you can choose posters from these different art styles:

  • Without running
  • Japanese cut
  • Impressionism
  • Expressionism
  • Primitivism
  • Abstract art
  • Surrealism
  • Modernism
  • Street art

You can also findposters with paintings from well-known artists and illustrators. 

Reproductions of famous paintings in different sizes

When you order an item from us, you can also decide what size it should have. However, you do not have to remove an art print just because it is small or large for the size of the surface it will cover. At Posterton, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality posters and prints. For example, we use premium paper that makes the artists' work look beautiful. This also means that your poster will look good for years without fading;

The main way to keep your posters looking good for longer is to frame them. In our online shop we also sell picture frames with the same design as our posters. Choose your favourite from our large selection offrames in wood; and variousmetal frames.  

Best posters for young artists online

At Posterton we aim to offer you posters from the best artists. With us you can shop online quickly and easily and receive your poster within 2-3 working days. As a customer, you have a 14-day return period, which means that you can exchange posters if you find a motif you like better. Find your favourite among the many artists and order a poster today!

Difficult to decide? Why not order several in one go! On our inspiration page we have gatheredtips and ideas on how to keep your posters looking good.