On this page you will find our most popular and best-selling posters. Take inspiration from others and find your next poster, painting or your new favourite artist. Our best sellers usually consist of posters and billboards from many different categories - from art posters to beautiful photographs and graphic prints. Our posters are available in a range of sizes and can be ordered with or without a frame.

Find your favourite poster among our best sellers

Don't have a clear idea of what kind of poster you want to make? Then it might be a good idea to look at what posters others have created. Either for inspiration, or to help you figure out what you definitely don't want to see on your walls. At Posterton we are proud to offer a wide range of posters with beautiful animated motifs andphotographic prints. By using our filters, you can easily produce posters in different formats, such as blue posters orposters with motif in beige. If you have an idea of a particular type of motif, you can explore it further by clicking on any of the categories in the menu to the left. Want to know more about what posters are trending right now? Visit ourinspiration blog, where you'll find lots of great information on everything from poster art and interior design to guides and trends. 

Stylish posters for all types of rooms

No two homes are the same. That's why we've made sure to offer a wide selection of posters and motifs. See for example our large selection ofphoto posters in colour or black and white photo art. Furthermore, we also have art prints with the most famous artworks from the most popular artists. Find your favourite among artists such asMonet,Hilma af Klint and Picasso, or discover new art by filteringposters for an art style


If it's a separate room you want to decorate, we can advise you on our categories ofposter för kök, living room, bedroom, bathroom and hallway. Of course we can also offernice and funny posters for children's rooms. Choose from posters with cute animals, alphabet boards and various baby favourites. On our inspiration page you'll find lots of great tips and ideas on how to decorate with posters and paintings. For example, you can learn how to style for different seasons ordecorate different rooms with posters

Small and large posters for your billboard

Mixing large and small paintings and posters in a so-called "painting gallery" is a very strong trend right now. By using different themes (motifs or colours) you can create a unique and personal collection of images, photos and paintings, making the whole a work of art in itself. With Posterton, you can in most cases choose the theme of your poster yourself. We sell posters in sizes from 13 x 18 cm up tolarge plates på 50 x 70 cm. If you have a gap in your current photo collection, just measure how big or small the image should be and order a poster in the same size;


We are experts in gallery and painting projects and can help you at every stage of the process. If you want to make it easy for yourself, we also offerfärdiga tableväggar, complete with posters and matching frames. Speaking of frames, we also have lots of stylish frames in different materials and dimensions. Choose betweenclassic squares and black frames or treat yourself to a beautiful gold or silver frame. All frames in our range have a size to suit your posters. This means you can easily order both poster and frame in the same package;

High quality and great variety of plans

No matter what motif you choose, you can be sure to get a beautifully printed poster that looks great. We use only carefully selected, FSC-certified paper of the highest quality. This ensures quality, not only for your poster, but also in the paper itself. When it comes to posters, it's important that the colours and contrasts are as close to the original as possible. This is what you get when you buy your posters from Posterton;

Köp posters online – fast delivery

Posterton is based in Sweden. This means that you never have to pay for your new poster. As a rule, we send your poster the day after you place your order. Whether you order one poster or an entire poster package, we ship them in a sturdy cardboard box that ensures your order stays unfolded and dry, from our warehouse all the way to your door. As always, when you buy from Posterton you have a 14 day return period, so if the poster you ordered doesn't fit, just change to a design you like better. You can read more about delivery times and availability in ourconditions.