Posters 21x30 cm

In this category you will find all our posters in the format 21x30 cm. Are you looking for a smaller poster to put on the road with other larger models, or a painting perfect for a smaller space? Then you've come to the right place. We offer a variety of posters in the 21x30 cm size - also known as A4 posters. Take a look at our range of great designs today!

A4 posters; the perfect posters for small and large rooms;

The great thing about A4 posters is that they are suitable for any room, large or small. Even in rooms with less space, there is often room for several small posters in the 21x30 cm size. Find several motifs you like in matchingfun. Why not mix stylishblack-and-white posterss with prints for restful härlignature,flowers andanimals


We also offer uniqueabstract art and works created byfull-time artists. Låt the room filled withHilma af Klints or invite nature and the swirling skies withVan Gogh's art. With 21x30 cm posters, you can fit a large number of paintings in one room;

Så decorate with smallå paintings and posters 

It's easy to decorate with small paintings. As well as hanging them on walls, you can also place them on benches and drawers, leaning against the wall. Get creative with your posters. Challenge yourself with the choice of colours and motifs – why not try something completely new. The best thing about small 21x30 cm posters is that they're easy to move around. If the motif or colours don't suit one room, you can move the poster to another. 


Remember that the choice ofram även has great importance. Make sure you choose a frame that suits the poster's colour and motif, but also, of course, the room's other furnishings. With small 21x30 cm posters, it's easy to change the frame when you need to. 

Horizontal and vertical posters in A4 size;

In this category you will find landscape and portrait posters in the size 21x30 cm. Whether you want to decorate with photographs ofvehicles or beautifulin Europe we promise you'll find a poster in a format that suits you. 


Small A4-size posters can also be used as decorative details forpaintings. When creating a painting, it is important to choose between horizontal and vertical motifs. Build your very own creative billboard with posters of different sizes, formats andframe in a variety of colours and shades. 


Our website is the perfect place to findinspiration på. Here you can read about everything from how todecorates your home to how you decorate yourhome office. You can also find inspiration on how to create apersonal address. Don't forget to check out the fabulous paintings, designed by our professional staff.  

Cool posters in 21x30 cm from Posterton

At Posterton you can buy posters in the size 21x30 cm, but of course also in several other sizes. With small posters it is easy to decorate even the smallest rooms with beautiful wall decoration. Why not buy more than one at Posterton, where you can indulge yourself in countless beautiful posters for every room in your home;


All our posters are also of high quality. We always offer fast delivery and a 14-day return policy. Avoid all the hassle that comes with buying art for your home – at Posterton it's easy.