Illustrations & Abstract

There are no limits to the illustrations that can appear on a poster. You can stretch reality and add imaginative elements, or paint objects from everyday life. You can find everything from expressive posters to minimalist and graphic illustrations, where all you need to create an interesting motif is a black line on white paper. We also have illustration posters with colourful details that you'll never get tired of. Scroll on to explore our wide range of illustration posters. Feel free to use our filters if you're looking for something specific!

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Before the invention of the camera, people used illustrations to depict reality. Illustrations were used to paint maps, draw species in pictures and depict objects. It was important to accurately and correctly represent the reality as well as possible.  

Although illustrations used to be more of a novelty, the use of realistic paintings has not diminished. The beauty of handmade motives is the human and vivid presentation, which is difficult to achieve in any other way. You will need to visit your home before you start looking for an illustration that depicts your real world. An example is our popular botanical posters, which depict flowers in a lifelike way. Pioneers and Bouquet For example, the following are examples of this!  

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Illustrations also come in abstract forms. By working with the vague elements of the illustrations, we can let our helpers fill in the gaps and create their very own associations. The diffuse motifs can reach deep into our subconscious. With room to let the imagination find connections among experiences and sounds, the motifs can call back a fond memory, or take us to a pleasant feeling. Take a look at our posters Values and Gold, with abstract shapes and graphic elements, which make you think of a moving sea. Can you feel the fresh sea breeze on your skin?

Mix and match posters with illustrations and photos!  

Can't decide if you like illustrations or photos more? No problem; find a suitable tree and mix freely according to theme, colour or motif. Choose your favourite blå posters that you like and use them in a personalised poster. Or can you not get enough of dogs? Combine illustrations and photos of dogs – it can never be too much! 

Once you've found your favourites, we suggest matching the posters with our frames. A black metal frame It's a cute card that goes well with any interior style. Or choose a ekram, which creates a warm and genuine atmosphere.   

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It's not always easy to find a poster that suits your needs in terms of size, design and colour. We've made it easier by offering our illustration posters in small and large sizes, ranging from 21x30 cm to 50x70 cm. Our wide range helps you to find the right style and colour to go with the rest of your home decor. And you always have a 14-day guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing that the posters you like are right for you.