1. General

Posterton AB, organisation number 559270–9553 ("Posterton") operates the website www.posterton.se and related pages, ("the Website"). These general terms and conditions ("the Terms") apply when you as consumer ("You") place an order on the Website and thus enter into an Agreement with Posterton.

In order to place an order on the Website, you must be at least 18 years old and of legal age. In accordance with Swedish law, Posterton does not allow purchases on credit to persons under 18 years of age.

In individual cases, Posterton reserves the right to refuse or change your order. This can happen if You have provided incorrect personal information and/ or there are concerns about your payment.

Posterton owns the Website and the content contained on the Website. All content on the Website is protected by, among other things, intellectual property law and market law. Therefore, content may not be copied or used without the written permission of Posterton.

Contact information and other information about Posterton can be found on the Website. The terms are only applicable to those who are customers and place an order via the Website.


In order to place an order via the Website, You must accept the Terms. You then agree to comply with the Terms in full and give your consent to the use of your personal information and cookies in accordance with Posterton's Privacy Policy.

You can cancel your order up until the moment the order is confirmed by Posterton. Upon cancellation of an order, Posterton will refund any payments You or your payment or credit card company have made in relation to the order.

When Posterton confirms your order, a purchase agreement is entered into. Confirmation of your order is made by sending an order confirmation to your specified email address. You're asked to please keep the order confirmation in case you need to be in contact with Posterton's customer service.

Posterton reserves the right to final sale, any balance errors in warehousing and any typos around an item, both in terms of image or description in text. All image information on the Website shall be considered as illustrations only. Such illustrations cannot guarantee the exact appearance of the product. Posterton is not responsible for information on the Website that comes from a third party.

Posterton also reserves the right to publish incorrect prices and make price adjustments (such as changes in prices from suppliers or due to changes in currency exchange rates). If You order an item whose price was displayed incorrectly, Posterton will contact you and await your approval of the corrected price before proceeding with the order. 

Posterton reserves the right to correct any such errors at any time and to change or update information on the Website.



When creating a user account and/ or completing an order, You're asked to provide certain personal information. You confirm that the information You provide is correct and complete.  You are responsible for any incorrect information.

No one other than You may use your login information. You must handle your username and password information in such a way that no unauthorised person is able to access the information. You are responsible for ensuring that your username and password are not disclosed to anyone else.

If you suspect that an unauthorised person has gained access to your username and password, You must notify Posterton immediately. If the security breach is not reported, You are responsible for all purchases made with your login details.

Posterton has the right to assign You new login information if needed. Posterton also has the right to suspend You in the event of suspicion of misuse of a user account or login information or if You violate the Terms in any way.

Information about Posterton's processing of personal data can be found in Posterton's Privacy Policy

Posterton may link to other websites outside Posterton's Website, and websites outside of Posterton's control may link to the Website. Although Posterton seeks to ensure that Posterton only links to websites that share Posterton's Privacy and Security Terms in accordance with the Privacy Policy, Posterton is not responsible for the protection or privacy of information or personal data that You provide on other websites. You should exercise caution and read the personal data regulations for the website in question.



The prices stated on the Website are those that apply to the ordering process. Prices are stated in Swedish kronor and inclusive of VAT. Prices related to payment and shipping fees are added and stated separately. 

A minimum order value may apply to orders. This is stated at checkout before you place the order.  If the total value of the order is less than the specified minimum order value, You pay the difference between the value of the order and the minimum. This amount may be deducted from the refunded amount in the case of returned goods.

You can pay using any of the payment methods listed on the Website. Posterton reserves the right to not always offer all payment methods, or change payment methods if the one You choose doesn't work at the time of purchase. Any restrictions on payment options are listed on the Website.

Posterton has the right to take payments in connection with your order, if You have not chosen invoice payment or another similar payment method and your order has been approved by Posterton. Posterton or its affiliates may perform a credit check if you choose invoice payment or payment in installments. In such a case, You will be informed of this.





During promotions, Posterton may offer more favorable terms than those set out in these Terms. Examples of more favourable terms may apply to payments or extended right of return. The favourable terms only apply during the time that promotions are active and the goods promotions apply to. 

Posterton reserves the right to revoke such promotions at any time. Upon termination or revocation of a promotion, these Terms apply in full.

Special offers on specific items on the Website are valid for a limited time and as long as stocks last.


Gift cards sold on Posterton are valid for two (2) years from the date of issue and can be used on Posterton's Website. When the validity period has expired, the card cannot be used as a means of payment or reactivated, and the remaining value cannot be refunded. Your gift card is a valuable document that must be stored securely and cannot be exchanged for money.


Goods that are in stock are normally delivered within the number of working days specified on the Website (the goods page and/ or checkout). The expected delivery time is also stated in the order confirmation. Unless otherwise specifically agreed (for example in connection with the ordering of goods that are not in stock), delivery takes place no later than 30 working days from the time Posterton confirms the order in writing through the order confirmation.

If a delivery takes more than 30 working days and this is not down to You who placed the order, You have the right to cancel the purchase.

If the order is delivere as a package, You must redeem the package within the time specified in the notification. Notification is made via email, regular mail, telephone call or SMS, depending on the information You've entered. Notifications contain information about where and when the package can be collected.

In the case of unredeemed packages, Posterton has the right to charge you a fee of SEK 199.


You have a 30-day right to return any goods purchased on the Website. You can exercise your right to return by notifying Posterton of this within 30 days of You or your agent receiving the ordered item (the returns period).

The right to return or exchange does not apply to posters that have been personalised or printed to order. If an item is sealed, You must not break the seal if You want to exercise your right to return. The right to return is invalidated when You break the seal on the product.

If an item on the website is not covered by the right of return, You will be clearly informed of this when ordering.

If You wish to exercise your right to return, You must, before the returns period has expired, send a message to this effect to info@posterton.com. Include your name, address, order number and other relevant information for the completed purchase.

If You do not wish to use the above option, you can use the standard form for exercising the right to return that the Swedish Consumer Agency has produced (see www.konsumentverket.se) by sending a message to Posterton. ).

The item must be returned within 30 days from the date you notified Posterton of your exercising of the right to return.

You are responsible for return shipping when exercising the right to return. You are responsible for the product from the time you receive it and throughout the return shipping. The product must be sent well packaged, in a good condition and in its original box.

Returns must be made to Posterton according to the methods and instructions stated on the Website.

When You exercise your right to return, Posterton will refund the amount you paid for the item, excluding delivery costs. If You have handled the product more than is necessary to determine its properties and function, Posterton has the right to deduct an amount corresponding to the product's depreciation in comparison to its original value.

Posterton will make refunds as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days from the date it receives your notice of your exercising your right to return. However, Posterton has the right to wait to process the refund until it has received the item or You have proven that the item has been sent back, for example through a delivery note. The refund will be made to you via the payment option you have chosen, provided that nothing else has been agreed and there are no obstacles to such a refund.


Your order confirmation is valid as your proof of warranty for any goods covered by the warranty. Information about any warranty period and special warranty terms can be found on the Website or in these Terms.

The warranty only covers original manufacturing defects, and not defects that occur during or after any personalisation of the product's function and appearance.

The right to lodge a complaint covers goods that are defective in accordance with current consumer protection legislation. Customers have a 3-year right to make complaints about goods purchased on the Website.

To file a complaint, You must notify Posterton as soon as possible after the fault has been discovered. Complaints filed within two months of You discovering the error are always considered to have been submitted on time.

Complaints must be filed using the contact information specified on the Website. For approved complaints, Posterton is responsible for return shipping.

Once You've returned the defective product and the complaint has been approved, Posterton will compensate you in accordance with applicable consumer protection legislation. Posterton aims for this to happen within 14 days of our receiving the complaint, but it may take longer depending on the nature of the product.

Posterton reserves the right to refuse a complaint if it is discovered that a product is not defective in accordance with current consumer protection legislation.

In the case of complaints, Posterton follows guidelines from the Swedish General Complaints Board (ARN). For more information, visit www.arn.se and www.konsumentverket.se  .



In the event that wars, natural disasters, labour market strikes, government decisions and comparable events beyond Posterton's control which could not reasonably have been foreseen affect agreements and commitments entered into by Posterton in such a way that Posterton cannot honour the said agreement/ commitments, Posterton shall be released from the obligation to fulfil said agreements, as well as exempt from any damages and other sanctions.


Posterton will notify You if such a situation arises and again when it is over. You and Posterton have the right to cancel the purchase with immediate effect if such a circumstance has lasted more than two months.




Posterton reserves the right to change these Terms without notice at any time. Changes to the Terms shall be published on the Website. You are considered to have accepted the changed Terms when You place a new order or 30 days after You have been informed of the changes by Posterton.

As a visitor and customer, You are responsible for keeping up to date on any changes to the Terms that are available on the Website.


Should any provision of these Terms be found invalid by a court, authority or arbitral tribunal in accordance with Swedish or EU law, this shall not mean that the Terms in their entirety become invalid, but rather that the invalid provision continues to be enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The invalid provision shall be replaced by an equivalent legal text.


In the event of a dispute, Posterton honours decisions made by ARN or corresponding dispute resolution bodies.

Disputes should first be resolved by way of an agreement between You and Posterton. If a dispute cannot be resolved by way of an agreement between You and Posterton, you as a customer can turn to ARN (the Swedish General Complaints Board), which you can find more information about at www.arn.se.

You can also submit complaints online through the European Commission's dispute resolution platform, which can be found at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr .

Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law and provision 13 of these Terms or, ultimately, by a general court.


These Terms were set by Posterton on 2021-08-01