Posters 40x50 cm

In this category you will find all our posters in the size 40x50 cm. This is one of our larger formats and therefore works well as a stand-alone wall decoration, but also in groups with prints in other sizes. Have you found a design you really love? Then the 40x50 cm size is a great option. This size is suitable for most contexts.

Posters in the size 40 x 50 cm – not for big but not for small either;

Posters in 40x50 cm are relatively large, which makes them ideal as stylish statement pieces in your home. Place a 40 x 50 cm poster above the dinner table in your home.köket or perhaps alongside the team inthe living room. With a unique motif, we promise your poster will catch everyone's eye. Bring your favourite posters fromroom to room or from one home to another.


The posters that you find under this category are also not too big to be paired with paintings in other mått. It is best to place two posters in the21x31 cm next to another plate of 40x50 cm in large format. You could also place TV posters of the same size in landscape format on top of each other – we promise a great result.  

A wide range of upright and landscape posters

Want to know what the key to a beautifully decorated room is? The answer is simple, decorate your walls with stylish posters in different formats. Simply putting up paintings and posters in exactly the same size is not much fun. Choose between different sizes, but also posters in both portrait and landscape formats;


Enjoy your guests' attention withlarge andsmå posters and eye-catching motifs. Another tip is to be creative in your choice of fun. Do not mixblått,pink andyellow or more discreet devices such asblack,white andbeige


Do you think the creative is a bit tricky. Why not check out our professionally styledpainting all of which contain a wide variety of posters? 

Inspired by posters in the size 40x50 cm

The Posterton website is the perfect place to find inspiration for your plant decoration. With pictures and text, we share inspiration and tips on how to style your 40 x 50 cm posters with designs in other sizes.


All our posters are also divided into different categories. Feast your eyes on prints withvehicles,architecture andbeautiful landscapes. But alsoåvintage posters,text boards and motifs in differentart styles


Don't forget to check out ourinspiration page where you can learn how todecorates with abstract art or how youcreates a personal painting.

Buy posters in 40x50 cm online from Posterton;

At Posterton you can buy posters in the size 40x50 cm. But of course also in many other sizes. With large posters, it's easy to fill your walls with beautiful art that will enhance the rest of your room's decor. Scroll through the entire category right now – we promise you'll find several new favorites.


All posters are also of high quality and we offer fast delivery and 14-day returns. Avoid all the hassle that comes with buying art for your home – at Posterton it's easy.