Black metal frames

Looking for a stylish and elegant way to frame your posters? Check out our range of stylish black metal frames! Made from high quality painted metal, these frames are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your decor. Plus, they open from the back so you can easily insert your poster for a smooth and beautiful finish.

Stylish matte black metal frames

Once you've chosen your poster, you can frame it with a black metal frame to make it blend nicely into the surroundings of a classic Nordic home. You can either frame a white motif to focus on the illustration or text, or frame a bold painting with a clear black border against a white wallpaper.


With a focus on design and style, our product developers have developed these frames to create an exclusive look in your home and the opportunity to design a classic picture frame that will enhance your interior. We prioritise quality and in the range of black metal frames you can choose from a variety of different sizes and shapes, to ensure you find the right frame for your paintings. 


Posterton leaves nothing to chance and deliverspicture frames that are long lasting and carefully selected to suit many tastes and styles. Framing can contribute to a stylish look and bring out the message of the board in a natural and clear way. We have everything you need to decorate your home with beautiful images in different combinations and you can even create a painting that you think fits the context.


Black metal frames will never go wrong and will look great in a modern, casual or classic home, which is especially evident if you choose a black and white poster or billboard. The metallic rim also gives an exclusive impression, thanks to its dazzling design and robust materials. 


Exclusive black premium frames 

At Posterton you will find black metal frames that have been designed with careful consideration of what customers want, and as a complement to our other range of paintings, posters and posters that can decorate your premises to create a pleasant atmosphere. It's hard to go wrong with a black frame and they look great whatever the colour of your walls and wallpaper.


Hang your paintings in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, with different themes for different rooms and let them reflect your personality by choosing motifs that say something about who you are. We encourage diversity and want to make it easy for everyone to make their own mark on their home, by offering high quality paintings with beautiful designs.


By combining horizontal and vertical suspension, you create a warm dynamic that appeals to the viewer and contributes to a cosy atmosphere. Black metal frames provide a good opportunity to give your home a lift and make it more beautiful and welcoming when you visit;