13x18 cm picture frames

Bring your walls to life with our small 13x18 cm frames. With a variety of colours and materials to choose from, we have the perfect photo frame for your home. Our easy-to-assemble frames have a backrest that allows them to recline on their own. This makes it easy to get the perfect angle for your picture.

Photo frame 13x18 cm 

To make your poster stand out from the crowd and look good on your wall or shelf, it's a good idea to top it off with a stylishram! In our range you will find 13x18 frames in different styles. Gold or silver plated metal for a modern and elegant expression and asmall frames in the wood in både natural and målad finish. 


Opt for frames in a single colour for a coherent and consistent look. You can also mix frames in white, black and silver, for example, to create a personalised picture. A stylish 13x18 cm frame in a colour and material that matches the motif will bring your painting to life. This while the protective and sharp glass helps to bring out the details. You can of course also use our exclusive frames for posters and billboards. But also for your own photographs from life's most memorable moments!

Get creative with our photo frames

Who doesn't love a good makeover? It's nice to change into something new that looks really good, especially when it comes to your home. We put a lot of work into making sure our homes are a reflection of who we are, and sometimes we just need a change. But when it comes to actually making these changes, we often forget one of the most important aspects: our habits. At Posterton, we want you to think more creatively about your walls. A great tip is to create a fantastictable vägg in your home with the help of our small photo frames.

Collage frames - give your photos new life

Whether it's a collection of family photos or pictures from your last holiday, our frames are the perfect way to showcase your favourite memories and combine with other small frames. Measuring 13x18 cm, our frames are ideal for smaller prints or groups of photos and images. The ability to create a beautiful collage of memories that fills any room with warmth and character is limitless and works in any type of room.

Small frames for special pictures

With our 13x18 cm frames, you can collect all the memories and pictures that matter. We usually ”smallå frames for big memories”. They can be, for example, a wedding anniversary, a child's birthday, a family holiday or a special celebration day. Whatever the memory, it's important to us and we want to keep it close at hand. That's why photo frames can be a great way to keep memories alive.

Quality and scope

Our frames can be used in both landscape and portrait formats. So you can display your photos however you like. Plus, they're easy to hang on your wall or keep on your desk. To keep them standing, use the support leg available on all our frames. The photo frames are made of the highest quality materials and each frame has an acrylic glass front that is protected on both sides with a protective film.


We think you'll find the perfect frame in 13x18 cm, but if you're looking for larger sizes we have more to choose from: