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Discover the stunning combinations of straight lines and primary colours in Dutch painter Piet Mondrian's paintings. Mondrian's pioneering and stylish art has become iconic - and his paintings are as modern today as when they were painted some 100 years ago. Here you'll find our Piet Mondrian posters featuring the classic black and white squares with red, blue and yellow fields. Scroll down to see all the posters in the Piet Mondrian posters category - and read more about his work at the bottom of the page.

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Mondrian's paintings are art for connoisseurs. Although at first glance the paintings appear simple, they are unmistakable in their expression. Try copying his style and you'll see what we mean! With a Piet Mondrian poster on your wall, you'll bring style into your home with ease. Whether you have a stripped down and minimalist style or a bohemian and lively interior, a poster with one of our Piet Mondrian posters will fit perfectly;

Thanks to the clean shapes and forms of Mondrian, it's easy to match with other boards and paintings. Why not create a stylish gallery space with a Piet Mondrian poster at the centre? On our inspiration page you'll find lots of good tips on how to hang paintings and posters.   

Piet Mondrian – classical painting to abstract art

Piet Mondrian was born in 1872 in Amersfoort in the Netherlands as Pieter Cornelis Mondriaan. Before becoming one of the great names in abstract art, he worked in figurative painting in the post-impressionist style. Like Hilma af Klint, Wassily Kandinsky and other artists of the time, Mondrian became interested in theosophy and recent developments. This manifested itself in his exploration of abstract expression and radical art theory.

Together with Theo van Doesburg and others, he formed the art group De Stijl, which became very influential in pushing the boundaries of what art can be;

Squares and foundations become great art

Breaking down painting to its smallest components is a radical stylistic approach that had already been explored by Russian Constructivists such as Malevich, Rodchenko and El Lisitsky, among others, in the 1920s. The art of the new society was to serve the human race and break free from the conventions of the old world. These ideas spread like wildfire across Europe and eventually reached the Netherlands. Here Piet Mondrian developed an international form of constructivism that was more spiritually än revolutionärt oriented. The result was the iconic compositions in red, blue and yellow. This abstract style made him famous and Mondrian remained faithful to his style until his death in 1944;

His compositions are seemingly simple paintings consisting of a grid of thick black lines with individual squares filled in with either red, yellow or blue. In some paintings, no square has been omitted or added, in others the square is diagonal, but on the whole there is very little variation;

Best posters with Mondrian's famous paintings

To raise Composition with Large Blue Pane, Red, Black, Yellow and Grey is always right, whether it's a reproduction or a poster. We use high quality paper when printing your poster. This ensures that the print will look good and stay good over time;

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