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Decorate your home with posters of some of Matisse's most beautiful paintings. Henri Matisse is considered one of the greatest exponents and creators of modern art. Here we have collected posters of selected favourites among Matisse's many paintings. Matisse is characterised by strong colours, beautiful still lifes and idiosyncratic depictions of people. Scroll down to see all the Matisse posters in this category, and to read more about Henri Matisse's life and work.

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Matisse is one of the most popular artists when it comes to posters, which is no coincidence. His work is not only beautiful and iconic, it also looks amazing in print. Chances are you've never been to a café or restaurant that had a poster of Matisse's blue women on the wall. As one of the great masters of modernism, his paintings and art fit into most types of homes, creating an elegant and strong sense of all rooms


The French multi-media artist had an unfailing love of shape and form and his art and techniques have inspired generations of artists and sculptors, and continue to inspire us today. Discover the beauty of our Matisse posters and order one for your home today!


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Henri Matisse – from fauvism to modern art

Henri Matisse, a young artistPicassoas the earliest artists of modernism. Through a pioneering approach to the use of form and shape, he came to define the art of the new century at the beginning of the 20th century. Born in northern France in 1869, Matisse began studying art in the early twentieth century under artists such as Moreau andBouguereau;


Inspired by artists likePaul Cézanne and Édouard Manet encouraged Matisse to experiment with his own unique expression. Together with André Derain, he founded the art style of Fauvism (from the French fauve = wild animal), in which the figure took on a prominent role. The new style radically broke with the rules of the time regarding form and shape and was important for the emergence of expressionism andabstract art


Like all great artists, he worked to develop his art throughout his life. Således överga was fauvism after några år to förmån för more traditional painting, such as his oriental odalisques. Towards the end of his life, Matisse was struck by cancer, which left him wheelchair-bound and unable to paint. As a result, he had to work with new methods and expressions, such as collage (gouaches découpées). 


Although Matisse was first known as a painter, he worked in a variety of artistic expressions such as sculpture, drawing and printmaking;

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As a customer, you always have a 14-day return period, which means you can switch to another design if the one you bought isn't one hundred. Discover otherposters with works by famous artists, or check out our other categories.