Paul Klee Posters

Let a Paul Klee poster decorate your home. His paintings are filled with abstract motifs and lots of colour. Whatever your decorating style, colour and form is an element that never fails!

A pioneer in shape and form

Paul Klee was a Swiss-German artist and printmaker, who was largely active in the first half of the 20th century. His theories on art and fashion are said to have had a major influence on the development of classical modernism. Many say that he was as important in the 20th century, asLeonardo Da Vinci was in the 16th century. 


Although he was inspired by Cubism, Surrealism and Expressionism, among others, he developed a style of his own that cannot really be pigeonholed.Färger was something that fascinated him, as can be clearly seen in all his creations. The result of his work is a perfect balance between shape and form;

Create and shape your home with Paul Klee posters

Because the motifs are abstract and the colours carefully chosen, a Paul Klee poster is perfect for a painting. Create a real tree by either following a colour scheme or an artistic style. Take a look at our tutorial on how toplan your painting for more inspiration! 


Paul Klee's motifs are of course just as good for themselves. You'll quickly see how well his art fits into your home, without it ever being boring to look at.You can easily set up your Paul Klee poster in any of our collectionsframe. Match the often-occurring natural colours with a wooden frame, or create a contrast with a silver frame;


Under our pageinspiration you'll find tips and tricks on how to use posters as part of your interior design. For example, you can learn how to decorate in line with a certain style and which colours go well together. 

Paul Klee posters of the highest quality;

We always use the highest quality paper when printing our posters. Our premium paper is FSC certified with a matte finish, which gives the designs a lifelike look. Each poster is checked by our senior team, who only approve top-quality images. 


Best posters with Paul Klee motif online

You can easily order posters online from us. If you are unsure about which Paul Klee painting to choose, you can order several options and test them directly on the wall. We have free shipping over 349 kr and fast delivery. You always have a 14-day return period and can decide at your leisure which one you would like to keep.  

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