Living Room Poster

Never underestimate stylish posters in your living room. Of course, Posterton posters look great in any room. However, one or more posters in the living room is almost always a must - it's how you create a homely feel in a room where you can sit back and enjoy yourself. Thanks to our huge range of living room posters, there's something for every interior design style. Choose from light and dark prints, abstract art and black and white images, among many more options. Sit back and relax as you contemplate beautiful nature scenes or soothing abstract designs. Scroll on to check out all our posters for your living room.

Find inspiration for your living room with stylish posters 

Who doesn't want to put up stylish posters and paintings in their living room? Let yourself be inspired by our wide range of large and small posters. Choose a colour theme and select posters that fit inyellow,gröna orblå tones – or mix several funörer. Want to find posters to match your sofa or curtains? Then use our filters at the top of the page. Here you can choose colour, format and size. We want to make it easy for you to find and be inspired by stylish posters for your living room;

Create a unique painting;

The living room is the perfect space for a table. Create a wall of paintings and posters behind the sofa or around the TV with your personal favourites. The best thing about chalkboard walls is that they open the door to creativity. Match stylish posters and frames with wallpaper, textiles and other furnishings. Go outside your comfort zone and choose from categories such as paintings withforest andmountain mixed withphotographic posters andvarious options.  


Need inspiration for your living room wallpaper? Then check out our page offärdiga tableväggar. There's even a category with tablewarespecifically adapted for the living room. Find the perfect posters for your billboard.  

Different posters for different styles 

What is your style? Do you like simple and stylish interiors or do you like to decorate your home in different colours and in a variety of styles? Whatever you prefer, there are posters to suit you in this category;


If you're not sure what your style actually is, it might be a good idea to start with a cute card and buy a simple poster in a neutral colour. And if you're still interested in art, there are plenty of posters available fromyoung artists and iconic pieces to decorate your living room. Chalkboards and posters are not only a stylish decorative feature, but also bring back memories and memories. Choose your living room posters with care. 

Köp posters for living room online

With posters, you can add life to otherwise bare and boring areas of your living room. The living room is often the place in the home where we spend the most time. It's only right that we make this room as homely as it can be. With stylish posters or a unique chalkboard painting, you can create a living room that you'll love. Remember, you can also vary the size of your posters. Each poster comes in several sizes, from 21x30 cm up to 50x70 cm. Be sure to vary the size of the posters in your painting room or place the large and small posters in your living room;


At Posterton you can order posters online. Always at a cheap price and with fast delivery. Order and send back if you don't like it – with us you always have a 14 day return policy;

Posters, paintings and frames for every room;

With Posterton posters and paintings, it's easy to fill your home with colour and life. In addition to posters for the living room, you can also buy posters forköket andchildren's room. Browse through our categories to find inspiration and posters with beautiful photographs, beautiful artwork and more;