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Buy stylish posters for your kitchen from Posterton. Under this category you will find kitchen boards and posters that would look great in your kitchen or dining room. The kitchen is the room where we spend the most time. This is where we cook, eat long dinners and enjoy the first cup of coffee in the morning. That said, it's also important to have something nice to look at - and what better way to do that than with nice posters. We have posters for the kitchen in a variety of styles. Whether you prefer modern prints, food posters, unique illustrations or black and white photographs, there are sure to be several designs to suit your tastes. Scroll on to check out our full range of kitchen posters.

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A kitchen board or kitchen poster is characterised by the fact that it contains something that we associate with either food, drink or good company. By decorating with kitchen posters, you can increase the comfort and atmosphere of your kitchen or dining room. You can choose the motifs for your kitchen posters to suit your own taste and preferences;


We have posters with stylishphotographs and motives for the rest of thecups of coffee, pastries and delicious fruits. 


Do you think your kitchen needs to be spruced up with something new and unique? Then you've come to the right place. At Posterton you will find a wide range of posters for the kitchen, as well as for other rooms in the home. Our stylish prints are equally at home decorating above the kitchen table, at the kitchen table or in the beautiful dining room. In our large assortment you will find a wide range of posters for the different beverages of the rest of the world such as coffee, wine andchampagne. But also variants withfruit and vegetables or läckra recipe. 

Decorate your kitchen with posters that inspire cooking

Decorate the walls of your kitchen with stylish, high-quality posters. For those interested in interior design and art, our wide range allows you to enjoy past illustrations in classic style and abstract forms in modern design. With posters and original prints, it's easy to make a personal statement about your home and your life. Our kitchen posters can also inspire you to cook. With kitchen boards for leftover spices and luxury goods, you'll want to cook something really delicious for dinner;


Frame your posters in a variety offrame to create exciting contrasts, but also to reinforce the message of the subject. We offer frames in different shades and colours, but also in different sizes;gold frames andsilver frames

A wide range of carefully selected motifs;

In our category of kitchen boards you will find carefully selected posters that create a pleasant atmosphere both in the kitchen and in the dining room. We have both modern kitchen boards and variants inretro-style.


Choose posters with a direct message in the form of a favourite recipe or a witty quote. With a creative and perhaps even humorous touch, many of our posters bring joy to their surroundings. Opt for a large painting for your kitchen that you frame and hang over your kitchen table, or combine several small posters to create atable vägg


Our aim is to offer posters to suit all tastes, sizes and designs. Make cooking an activity enjoyed by the whole family with the help of unique and inspiring wall decorations;

Köp posters to köket online 

At Posterton you can buy posters for the kitchen, but also for the living room;children's room,the living room and the hall. Choose from beautiful motifs that contribute to a calming atmosphere and beautiful photographs that inspire culinary adventures. Here you will also find a variety of other posters for all rooms of the home;

All Posterton posters are also printed on high quality paper with an attractive finish. When you order posters online from us, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality posters. In addition, we always offer great prices, fast delivery and a 14-day return policy. With Posterton it's easier than ever to fill your home with beautiful and inspiring art. Welcome to contact uscustomer service for questions and concerns.