70x100 cm picture frames

Looking for a large frame to make your artwork, picture or poster really stand out? Our 70x100 cm frames are perfect and you can use these in both landscape and portrait formats. Choose from a range of colours and materials to find the perfect fit for your work.

A beautiful frame can work wonders in your home

Picture frames or photo frames are one of those home decor items that we don't think much about until we need one. And then we usually have a lot of freebies. What size do I need? Which colour suits my decor? How should I hang it? A frame protects the image, but a good-looking frame also adds a lot of value to your decor. In addition to its protective function, the frame gives you lots of choices when it comes to where to place your image;

And speaking of pictures, a 70x100 frame is just the right size for those big family photos or that dark landscape picture. Whether you hang it on the wall or place it on a side table, the large size of the frame makes a really good impression. So if you're looking for the perfect finish for your home, don't forget the power of a good frame.  

Tavelram 70x100 cm

A large painting inside our 70x100 cm frames will be very effective to hang solo on a wall, but can be just as nice to combine with several smaller frames. Choose matching motifs and then create a unified look by adding stylish frames. Either in oak or in black or white, for example. Remember that our paintings can easily be hung in landscape or portrait format, depending on the motif. These 70x100 frames are shelved in size and many people prefer to decorate them standing on the floor, leaning against the wall. A tip for those who like to change things up often!

Different materials and sizes 70x100

Saying that we have a frame for every room and style is not an excuse. We have collected wooden and metal frames in different models so that you can easily find the right frame for your personal style.Our 70x100 frames are available in several colours: black, white, gold, silver and natural finishes of wood and oak. &Are you the one who prefers the classic look of a 70x100 gold frame that gives an exclusive and luxurious impression? Or do you think a wooden frame 70x100 cm is the right choice to bring a more warm and natural look to your home? Whatever your choice, these books are perfect for bright and black and white images and are a great addition to any home. A large frame in general, and a 70x100 frame in particular, is guaranteed to create a striking look on all your walls;

Large and stable frames

Våralarge frame in the size 70x100 are not only stylish and beautiful to look at. They are also sturdy and made of high quality wood or metal that provides durability over time. They are supplied with a suspension device for both vertical and horizontal suspension on the wall. This makes them an excellent addition to any home. The frames in this category are suitable for pictures up to 70x100 cm or 100x70 cm in size and have a 7:10 aspect ratio.

Cheap frames 70x100

Big doesn't have to mean expensive. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy quality framing. That's why we've made sure to keep our prices affordable without compromising on quality. This applies to all our different frames. We have been delivering affordable frames to the whole of Europe for several years and have received many positive feedback. They receive high quality, but also high prices;

Easy assembly of your picture frame 70x100

Buying 70x100 frames from Posterton shouldn't just be affordable; it should also be easy to assemble. Our frames are perfect for larger works and have clips on the back for quick and easy mounting. In addition, they have hooks so you can hang them in either upright or horizontal position on the wall. And to keep your photos looking great, we've included extra-thick, shatterproof Plexiglas that's crystal clear. Just be sure to remove the protective plastic before hanging your frame on the wall.

Match your frames with your interior style

Interior design styles are constantly changing and evolving. Some interior designers prefer to use certain types of materials for their frames because they reflect the overarching theme of the specific style. Below we have matched different frames with different interior styles and how you can choose.

Scandinavian – stylish white and black frames 70x100

The Scandinavian style is light and bold and is often seen in white or black frames. These choices are conveniently light to avoid cluttering up your space, but also add an elegant touch without attracting too much attention.

Fashion & Glamour – luxurious silver and gold frame 70x100

If you want to create a luxurious and modern kitchen in your home, it's important not only to choose the furniture, but also how you display it. When choosing frames, silver or gold frames, for example, are a good choice, as they go with many different styles of room decor. Especially if there are interior elements such as a drinks trolley with metal details.

Bohemian – natural wood frames 70x100

If you're looking for something with an organic feel, wooden frames may be perfect. A bohemian setting can help bring out the more natural side of your decor. More expensive woods like oak give completely different results to lighter ones, so it's worth trying out the options before deciding on a specific type of wood you want to use. For example, a photo of an old sign can have extra character and bohemian appeal with a smaller frame around it.