30x40 cm picture frames

Looking for an elegant way to frame your posters? Here you will find our range of frames in the size 30x40 cm! We have a variety of colours and materials to choose from, so you can find the perfect frame for your poster or painting.

Tavelram 30x40

A picture frame in size 30x40 cm is among our most popular frames. Just choose the size and material you think will best suit the poster or painting. 30x40 is a popular size for a frame, a size that doesn't feel small or big, a perfect in-between frame in a nutshell!

All of our frames are designed for our posters and posters with the same theme. But you can also have your own pictures and motifs in the frame. This makes a perfect size picture frame, which works well no matter how you live or what room you want it to hang in. 

You can easily add variety to your walls at home with several frames in mixed sizes, making the 30x40 cm picture frame stand out. If you want to display several paintings in a group, passepartout is a good tip. It allows you to create a completely different focus, depending on the design of the passepartout. 

Black frames, gold frames or wooden frames in 30x40

We at Posterton offer frames of high quality, in different woods and sizes. Oak frames are clearly a popular classic that always works for different motifs. Similarly, black and white frames are stylish and easy to combine, to create a more unique look. We also have silver frames, copper frames and gold frames for a more glamorous style.

Different styles, letting creativity flow

Be inspired by our range of frames and choose the right posters and pictures to frame! A 30x40 frame can be hung horizontally or vertically on the wall. One tip is to use a frame with a table hook. So you don't have to nail and damage the wall. Below you will find all our colours and materials for the 30x40 picture frame:

Qualitative framework

All our frames are made of the highest quality. Each frame comes with an acrylic glass that is protected on both sides with a protective film that must be removed before use. We provide two metal hangers on the back of the frame that allow placement either vertically or horizontally.

Buy cheap frames 30x40 online at Posterton!

Updating your home doesn't have to be expensive! With a new frame and new motifs on the walls, you can easily change the look of your home depending on the song and style. There are many advantages to shopping for frames online. One of them is the price. With our frames, you can easily create a new fresh look without having to spend a lot of money to do so. Our frames are of high quality and reasonably priced, so you can shop with confidence and ease. Best of all, once you've found your favourite frame, you can easily change the design for a whole new look. Which means you can easily change the style of your home without having to spend a fortune. 

Picture frames and photo frames 30x40 – The perfect choice

Did you know that 30x40 cm is one of the most common frame sizes in the home? It's also the perfect size for decorating with beautiful posters in a blackboard. Or in combination with large frames or pictures of your children and pets. Since it is one of the most common sizes of posters, you will have no problem finding your favourite motif to give your room the perfect feel you are looking for.

The picture frames in the size 30x40 are rectangular and have an aspect ratio of 3:4, making them perfect for use in both portrait and landscape formats;

Maybe you have a picture you took with your phone? Photos taken with your phone are usually in 4:3 format, which means that our 40x30 frame is perfect for these photos. So you don't have to crop the picture!

Picture frame with picture frame 30x40 in focus

Thinking of creating a painting at home? With a chalkboard painting, you can combine several paintings and motifs to create a unified look. That's where our 30x40 picture frame really comes in. It's a perfect size to be displayed vertically and horizontally on the wall, which makes it a perfect fit in many constellations. This allows the inspiration to flow. 

If you want to have a painting in yourkökdining room,living room or was not inbedroomAt least one picture frame in size 30x40 is given to include. You may want to have 4 motifs in the same size, or combine different sizes. If you need inspiration on how to plan your picture frame, you can find it here:Plan your painting

The best of allthe times You can easily replace the motifs in the frames that you have already placed perfectly on your wall. In this way, you can give your home a whole new look and make it feel like a whole new room.