We want to do our part to help protect the environment, and we know that starts with the products we use. That's why we've made sustainability a priority in our paint manufacturing process. We use sustainable materials and production methods whenever possible, and we're always looking for new ways to reduce our environmental impact.


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To make our posters sustainable, we use a UV-hardened paint that won't degrade or fade over time. Water based inks (in laminated and non-laminated variants) are commonly used for printing but since they're not environmentally friendly and require more energy to create each piece of artwork than other alternatives such as Konica Minolta patented paints which also have an earth Friendly formula, we decided on this option!



Posterton’s supplier has policies in place to ensure they are using 100% renewable energy for all manufacturing processes. 



The paper we use for posters is FSC certified, meaning that it comes from trees that were grown and harvested in compliance with environmental standards.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council - this organization sets the bar high when it comes to sustainable logging practices so you can be sure that our papers are environmentally friendly and cellulose free. 



We are ambitious to reduce the plastic usage in our packaging as much as possible without endangering the intact condition of the goods when they arrive at your door. 


By choosing to locate our warehouse in Poland, we are able to offer fast delivery times while also minimising our impact on the environment.